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Construction Futures has for more than a decade focused on economic analysis of the construction and related industries. Construction Futures is part of the economics team at Experian plc, one of the UK‘s leading economic consultancies.

Construction Futures works with clients in the private and public sectors, providing a better understanding of the industry in the context of the wider economic environment. We have a thorough and detailed knowledge of the factors that influence the various markets, types of work in the sector and its operational aspects. Our major strength lies in the location and analysis of construction-related information to support clients’ need for insight on past
trends and forecasts of future developments. We have a portfolio of well-known and  respected publications, including the industry-standard national construction forecasts and the ‘Foresight’ regional forecasts. We also collaborate with our fellow EUROCONSTRUCT members to produce compatible forecasts for nineteen European countries on a six monthly basis. Our survey unit carries out a detailed monthly state of trade of survey in the UK for the European Commission.

Our work falls into the following categories:

  • Industry forecasting: short, medium and longterm construction forecasts, on a national and broad regional basis.
  • Workload surveys: regular surveys of construction activity, professional services, and industry structure.
  • Market research: the use and provision of all relevant information to help clients assess market size, structure, competition and opportunities for entry or diversification.
  • Economic analysis: research and reports on any aspects or sectors of the construction industry chain.
  • Statistics: data search, analysis and advice on the use and relevance to clients of macro economic and construction industry statistics.
  • Corporate research: company finance, profitability and future outlook.
  • International comparisons: specifically of European construction markets.
  • Seminars: presentations and lectures relating to any of the above areas.

Our work is rooted in three fundamental areas:

Individuals: we have exhaustive information on, and insight into, the demographic and socio-economic circumstances of individual consumers in every market that we research. We have over 30 years’ experience in consumer segmentation and have built more consumer classification systems than any other organisation, globally.

Markets: we have a detailed understanding of markets defined geographically, by product and by consumer or business type, which we use to help our clients benchmark and maximise their performance.

Economies: we model the current position and future prospects of local, national and global economies in terms of employment, output, consumer spending, investment, property and asset markets. We advise companies on which economies to operate in, and public policy makers on how to improve economic performance and raise social inclusion.

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