ITEC - The Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology

The Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology, ITeC, is an independent non-profit organisation that carries out its work in the area of operations intended to further the progress of Construction. Since 1978 ITeC is contributing to increase innovation and competitiveness in the construction sector, with a series of technology-based services:


ITeC is a technical body specialised in the assessment and certification of non-standardised construction products, with extensive experience in this field in which it was authorised by the Spanish and European authorities in 1996.

We offer systems for quality assurance and certification that have been specifically developed for building companies and manufacturers of construction products, both at European level – such as European Technical Approvals and the subsequent CE marking – and also at national level with different quality labels recognised by the Spanish administration – DAU for construction products and ApTO for building processes –.

Consulting services for manufacturers of construction products

ITeC can provide advice to manufacturers that are developing new construction products regarding the different requirements which will eventually constitute the basis for the certification, according to the set of relevant variables (intended uses, installation criteria, destination markets, manufacturing and marketing channels, etc.). The final purpose is to smooth and accelerate as much as possible the market entry of new products and construction techniques.

Market research services

We offer different types of research where we combine the economic approach with our knowledge of the construction market from the technical, legal, environmental and commercial points of view.

  • Generic market measurement: We quantify the rate of production of different construction markets (housing, non-residential, civil engineering) and scenarios of future developments.
  • Specific market measurement: We carry out market research focused on a specific type of product or on a specific building point where different commercial offers compete for a slice of the market.
  • Product Competitiveness: Analysis of products and building solutions based on its market potential in terms of cost, design, competitive positioning, and legal compliance.

Technological information

Our databases are a source of information for every technician involved in the construction business, no matter the stage of the process: project conception, budgeting, execution tracking and maintenance of the built object. Our database is also a reference source for checking the legal status of construction products regarding certification and also includes
environmental data.


We have developed a unique collection of applications for the management of the construction process, for the maintenance of built objects and for measurement of the environmental impact. They are based in our own TCQ methodology for tracking
Time, Cost and Quality.

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