ÚEOS - Komercia, a.s.

ÚEOS – Komercia, a.s. (Joint-stock company) is a private research and consultancy company, established in 1992 by transformation of former Ústav ekonomiky a organizácie stavebníctva, Bratislava (Institute of Building Economics and Organisation) founded in 1963. In August 2017 UEOS-Komercia, a.s. founded Ltd. Institute for Monitoring and
Analysis (IMAZ). The scope activity of the institute includes, among others, market research in the field of energy and R&D in the energy sector and network industries.
At present, ÚEOS – Komercia, a.s. has 8 employees. Research, advisory and consultancy services are performed by approx. 6 experts. In addition, we have been working with a circle of external co-operators, university experts and other specialists, who participate
in solutions of important tasks and projects.

Basic fields of company activities are as follows:

  • evaluation of the property and real estate,
  • expert opinions in the economy – evaluation of enterprises,
  • applied economical research and development,
  • public procurement.

Other activities according to the business register are:

  • business and economic consulting,
  • monitoring and field survey,
  • solving of problems of the construction market, the reviving, forming of sectoral, regional politics of construction, international comparisons; habitation and housing construction, regional development, etc.,
  • marketing research of construction market.

ÚEOS – Komercia, a.s. also executes evaluation of property and real estate in various processes and credit – awarding; deals with problems of public procurement.

Radovan Kostelník



Koceľova 9, 821 08 Bratislava