Brief history

Tecninvest 2 is a private limited liability company (LLC) formed in 2003 as a spin-off of the Planning and Engineering divisions of Tecninvest SA, a firm incorporated in 1982 in Lisbon, Portugal. The founding company has its roots in the engineering and research centres of CUF group, the largest Iberian conglomerate before it was nationalised in 1975.
Tecninvest 2 combined the human and technical resources of 3 divisions of the founder company, which were active in the areas of environmental consulting, technology, and applied economic research. These divisions have been operating since 1982, having a track record of more than 4,000 professional assignments for public and private clients
both in Portugal and abroad. In 1993, Tecninvest SA was privatised. After the privatisation in 1993 Tecninvest 2 increased substantially the research content of its range of services in industrial, marketing, economic and social fields. having carried out many research
assignments to industry, government, associations and other institutions, covering a wide spectrum of research fields, ranging from R&D strategy in new technologies to social and economic impact studies.

A significant part of this work has been conducted under a pan-European setting in close co-operation with other European colleagues, either in the context of specific ad-hoc consortia or in the framework of the «European Network of Social and Economic Research» (ENSR), of which the firm is the Portuguese member.

People and Organisation

The people behind Tecninvest 2 research activities are organised into a flexible and cost-effective fashion following the project structure approach and resorting to planning and control tools that facilitate the management of resources, the monitoring of risk variables and the quality control of the project deliverables. Each research project is carried out
under the direction of a senior staff member (director, division manager, project manager) by a team of experts made up of permanent staff and retained associate consultant/researchers. The latter are drawn from Academia, RTDO and Industry networks Tecninvest 2 can easily activate through long established cordial relationships. Work is planned and supervised in such a way to allow the swift integration of the interrelated and interdependent research tasks and to provide sound responses to the
research questions. This includes the determination of major research and writing milestones, the scheduling of progress meetings, the review and technical refining of research papers, the employment of technical data and technical advisory
personnel, and the liaison with outside advisors, subcontractors and other collaborators.

Main research and consulting areas

  • Industrial and market research
  • Investment strategy and marketing consulting
  • Economic & social development
  • Technology development and transfer
  • Regulatory review and administrative burden
  • Energy, environment and natural resources

Antonio Coimbra



Av. Conde de Valbom, 18B – 2D, 1050-068 Lisbon