Forecon Ltd is 2013 founded company that carries on the construction and real estate market business environment research & forecast and EUROCONSTRUCT® services provided in the past by VTT Technical Research Center of Finland (VTT), the largest R&D institute of the Nordic countries. Forecon’s experts and forecast team has research background in VTT.

Forecon Ltd works in the building market and demand forecasting sector in close contact with contractors, material producers, trade, authorities and industry organizations. Based on Forecon’s geo-economic location and long-term co-operation, the construction sector development in Russia and
in the Baltic RIM area are Forecon’s areas of expertise.

Forecon is improving networks, forecasting methods, databases, tools and reporting concerning the most important economic areas in the Baltic countries and Russia, especially Moscow, St. Petersburg etc. We have also close cooperation with some members of the AsiaConstruct network.

Field of research

Forecon Ltd possesses expertise and know-how in the sphere of research and expert services in construction
and real estate business environment. Forecon’s services support decision making, strategic planning, annual budgeting, investment decisions and new business concepts. Forecon’s field of research cover both international and Finnish construction markets also on regional level.

Forecon’s essential service portfolio is based on tailor-made construction resource forecasts and market researches for companies and other authors that are created with foresight model developed by Forecon’s research team. Forecast models enables calculation of future demand potential for construction markets and resources in short- and long-term.
Forecon’s foresight model development began over 40 year ago in VTT. The foresight activity has obtained broad confidence in construction forecasting and the company acts as an impartial expert facet in evaluating the economic situation and
trends and their affect in construction and construction material industries.
Forecon’s strengths are in managing national and international construction and real estate business intelligence, as well as understanding the internal structure of construction industry and its sub sectors, their interdependencies, analysis, and forecasting.

Forecon’s core services are:

  • Construction and real estate business environment researches, analyses and forecasts.
  • Tailor-made construction resource foresight reports and consultancy
  • Analysis of built environment, building stock andconstruction business
  • Surveys and barometers
  • Environment and energy analyses
  • EUROCONSTRUCT® activities

Markku Riihimäki

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