The Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies

Future-based innovation

The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies is an independent research organisation, founded 1970.

It functions as consultant and source of inspiration to corporations, government bodies, and other elements of society, globally. The CIFS creates visions of the future, tailor-made to the need of clients in relation to corporate development, product development etc., supported by a staff of 20, and it runs training programmes related to corporate work within trends, uncertainties and innovation for the future.

Products include:

  • Key-note presentations on basically anything related to the future
  • Tailor-made studies and innovation support for strategic development, product development, organisation development, scenario building and futures awareness in general. Tailor-made studies are based on a dialogue with the client, combining the specific knowledge of the client with the methods as well as the broad perspective of the CIFS. We help organisations to create the future they desire.
  • In-house training programmes in strategy and development under increasing uncertainty, based on a number of futures-based methods, notably long-term trend analysis and scenario planning.

We help organisations build the capacity to develop alternative futures for themselves.
Specific to the construction sector, CIFS has programmes on The Future Home and Family, Future Offices, Future Shopping, and Creating Long-term Value in Construction, Future Cities, Regional Development and a wide range of Transportation issues – besides EUROCONSTRUCT. Other CIFS projects cover themes like the future of work, of organisations and the value chain, transformation of modern consumer culture (“the dream society”), rising emphasis on innovation and self-expression (“creative man”), on new forms of economic organisation (“anarconomy”), of trends in financial services, retail, marketing, consumption, leisure and lifestyles, of values, politics, and media, of e-business and of physical products – Designing for the Future.

The CIFS offers a comprehensive membership programme. The membership base of about 60 organisations include leading corporations, government ministries, and a diverse grouping of public and private organisations from several continents. International memberships are highly tailor-made to the needs of the client. Working languages include English, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Portuguese and Spanish.

Anders Bjerre


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