Prognoscentret at Byggefakta DK

The Norwegian company Prognosesenteret was founded in 1978, as an independent consultancy focusing on market research within the Nordic building and construction markets. Today we work as a cross-border Nordic company. The Danish branch located in the Greater Copenhagen Area is Prognosecenteret at Byggefakta DK.

About our services

  • With needs-based market analyses, we offer our customers intelligence that makes it easier to make better decisions and achieve goals.
  • Building on extensive knowledge about the Nordic construction market, we are constantly quality assuring and developing our sampling and analysis methods.
  • Our customised analyses describe the market’s driving forces, size, structure and development. The information can for example be divided into segments, customer type and distribution channels.
  • We cover everything from detailed information at postcode level to assessments of the entire European market or parts thereof.
  • We offer knowledge about the entire value chain, from material consumption and distribution flows to performance steps.

Based on this knowledge, you can predict how your customers will react to different products, services and concepts. This gives you a basis on which to design effective marketing activities and implement customer-oriented product development.

  • On each occasion, we will address your issue with the method that offers you the best basis for decision.
  • We have great experience in a variety of analysis and research methods, ranging from interviews to quantitative measurements. In combination with our expertise in the construction and property industries, this means we can draw far-reaching conclusions tailored to your business.
  • Our employees are macroeconomists, civil economists, social scientists, engineers and statisticians who use interdisciplinary analyses to create unique results.

Martin Kyed


Stationsparken 25, 2. sal, 2600 Glostrup
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