The AQUIEC is active in each of the fields that make it possible to improve the economic information relating to the construction sector. As a general rule, it operates as a Forum, in which the experts coordinate the initiatives relating to the construction statistics: drawing up of statistics, quality control and analysis (of the current and forecasted economic situation) and in which they exchange information that can prove useful for the objective achievement of these analyses. As far as the prospects are concerned, it also operates as a Scientific Council responsible for:

  • defining the hypotheses selected for the drawingup of the “construction prospects”: macro-economic hypotheses and others (national insurance contributions, tax, policies likely to influence the construction industry, etc.); defining the working method, for checking the pertinence of the macro-econometric model that translates the selected hypotheses into “construction prospects” and for advising its managers onthe improvements to be made to them;
  • evaluating, in terms of coherence and probability, the prospects drawn up by the Construction Confederation (currently the only one able to carry out this work in Belgium) on the basis of the framework that it has defined (hypotheses and method);
  • validating (after a possible correction) the prospects drawn up in this manner. 


The AQUIEC, Association for the Quality of the Economic Indicators of the Construction Industry, is an association of experts whose areas of expertise cover the economic an legislative environment that determines the development of the construction industry, as well as the specific characteristics of its various sub-sectors.


The AQUIEC operates according to the same principleas the „Institut des Comptes Nationaux“ (an officialorganisation that draws up the national accounts in Belgium), which means that it is a structure made up of a group of specialists who define a working framework, delegate the practical work, control and validate this work.

The experts of the AQUIEC form a pluridisciplinary team that includes economists, jurists and specialists in tax and social matters. Most of them are members of the highest authorities that oversee their areas of expertise: Central Economic Council, Supreme Statistical Council, Economic Club, Supreme Financial Council, Supreme Employment Council, etc.

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