WIFO - Austrian Institute of Economic Research

The Leading Provider of Economic Analysis and Economic Policy Consulting in Austria

WIFO analyses national and international economic trends and supplies short- to medium-term economic forecasts. Together with our studies on European integration, competitiveness and location of industries and services, these trends and forecasts provide the basis for economic policies and corporate strategies.

Our activities increasingly include commissioned research and consulting for domestic and international decision-making bodies, the European Commission, OECD, major business and financial institutions.

Modern empirical methods incorporating the most current data available and knowledge of the institutional and political structures – these are the factors that guarantee the quality of our work. The use of international networks as well as our independent and non-partisan approach gives particular weight to our findings.

As a member of ERECO (European Economic Research and Advisory Consortium), WIFO has partner institutes in Birmingham, Bologna, Cambridge, Madrid, Munich, Paris and Rotterdam.

Main Research Fields

  • Macroeconomics
  • Perspectives of the Welfare State
  • Reforms of the Public Sector
  • Globalisation
  • Sustainable Development
  • Knowledge-based Economy

Regional and Sector Analyses

  • Agriculture
  • Industry, innovation and telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Transport, energy
  • Banking
  • Tourism, trade and commerce
  • Private and public services

WIFO is organised as an association, with membership open to organisations and individuals. Contributions by economic policy institutions provide the foundation for basic research and access to the combined research resources of a pool of about 100 highly qualified staff. Our cooperation with sponsors and members is based on the principles of partnership, project orientation and interactive collaboration.

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Arsenal Objekt 20, 1030 Vienna