12-13 (14) June 2019, Rome

European Construction Market Forecasts to 2021

special topic
Investing in water and water management


In the scenario of uncertainty and changing economic prospects, the slowdown in growth in the construction sector raises important questions:
Is construction still in a recovery phase and how does it go on? What are the leading sectors and the areas of concern? Where in mature markets is it possible to carry out the process of transformation and reconfiguration of the sector?

organised by CRESME 

Piazza Mincio, 2
00198 Rome, Italy

This event is part of a biannual series of lectures on the medium-term outlook for the European construction markets covered by the Euroconstruct network.

Target Audience
EUROCONSTRUCT conferences addresses all those involved in construction activities: producers of building materials and equipment, construction companies, designers, architects, engineers, contractors, investors, financiers, insurers, and other related professions. 

  • Exclusive access to the latest macro-economic and construction projections to 2021
  • Unique opportunity to network with construction industry and market players
  • A copy of the comprehensive EUROCONSTRUCT Summary Report

Wednesday, 12th June 2019
Evening Reception and Networking Gala Dinner

Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi [map]

Thursday, 13th June 2019
Main Conference Day

La Casa dell'Architettura [map]

Friday, 14th June
Additional optional conference day

Lectures and discussions about water market and environmental resilience

DAY 1   : :    Morning
T h u r s d a y

13 June 2019

Global economic and construction market outlook
08:00 Registration
09:00 Welcome greetings
09:20 International macroeconomic outlook
Alessandro Terzulli - SACE, Italy
09:40 Global construction (macro-trends, scenarios and forecasts)
Antonio Mura - CRESME, Italy
10:00 European construction outlook
Antonella Stemperini - CRESME, Italy
European construction markets up to 2021 by sector and region
10:20 Belgium, France and Netherlands
Oebele Vries - EIB, Netherlands
10:40 Ireland and UK
James Hastings - Experian, UK
11:00 Coffee break
11:30 Austria, Germany and Switzerland
Ludwig Dorffmeister - ifo Institute, Germany
11:50 Portugal and Spain
Josep R Fontana - ITeC, Spain
12:10 The Nordics - Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
Anders Bjerre - CIFS, Denmark
12:30 Central-Eastern Europe - Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia
Janos Gaspar - Buildecon, Hungary
12:50 The italian construction market up to 2021
Lorenzo Bellicini - Cresme, Italy
13:10 Questions and answers session
13:25 Announcement of the 88th EUROCONSTRUCT conference
13:30 Buffet lunch (1h)
DAY 1   : :   Afternoon
T h u r s d a y

13 June 2019

Investing in water - water management
14:30 Leaving no one behind - the 2019 UN World Water Development Report
Michela Miletto - UNESCO Vice Director (WWAP) 
14:50 UNESCO report: WWAP water rooms
Embro Martini  -  Alta Scuola
14:55 Water innovation: strategic scenario
Andrea Rubini  - Director of Operations Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP) 
15:00 Water management, water-hydrobond finance
Peter Szapanos  - Senior Water Engineer BEI 
15:15 Regulation, Tariffs and investment for infrastructures in Italy and EU
Andrea Guerrini  - President of WAREG 
15:30 Water managment in France
Pascal Marlier - Le BIPE-BDO Advisory
15:45 Market, tenders investment: The scenario for water market in Italy
Lorenzo Bellicini - CRESME 
16:00 Panel discussion: The future of water infrastructures - investments and best practices
17:30 Closing remarks
Roberto Moneta - President of GSE 


Water, territory and built environment, innovation and resilience

F r i d a y

14 June

9:20 Introduction: water, sustainibility, resilience, resources
Alessandro Bratti - General Director of ISPRA
SESSION 1: Water and environment - territory transformation, water management, sustainability, digitalization, innovation
9:40 Protecting from water: environmental engineering, architecture of the territory and fluxes management
Giacomo Galiberti - Studio Maione
09:55 Water and contamination: purification
Stefano Cetti - Metropolitana Milanese
10:15 Water and energy production
10:35 Panel discussion: without water, too much water - Moderator: Filippo Soccodato - Alta Scuola
Pietro Laureano* (Atlante D'Acqua) - Meuccio Berselli (District basin authority of the Po river) - Erasmo D'Angelis (District basin authority Central Apennines) - Massimo Gargano (Director of the National Association for Italian Land Reclamation)
SESSION 2: Water and Cities
11:20 – the water management handbook
V. Zansuso - Rockefeller Foundation
11:35 An innovative and sustainable water and sewage network
Water Energy Team
11:50 Water smart grid
eLUX - Brescia University
12:05 Panel discussion: water, resilience, digitalization and best practices
Giardano Colarullo (Utilitalia) - Romagna Acque - Estra - Acquedotto Pugliese
13:00 Buffet lunch in the garden
SESSION 3: Water and buildings in the future
14:00 Introduction: water saving for the environmental sustainability
Chiara Tonelli - Uniromatre
14:20 Living in the space: water and mars
Elena Pettinelli - Uniromatre
14:35 Producing Water
Armando Quazzo - Smat Torino
14:50 Purifying black water to drink it
Franco Cataldo - Unituscia
SESSION 4: Water and plants in the future
15:00 New water supply systems
Michele La Rocca - Unirmatre
15:15 Water digitalization, management and measurement
15:30 Panel discussion: Water in 2040 - overview of technological innovations with producers
Overview of H2O innovations awarded in October 2018
16:40 Conclusions
17:00 Closing of the conference

* to be confirmed

Speakers biographies will be updated continuously.



Lorenzo Bellicini

Managing Director, Cresme Ricerche Spa, Italy

Architect and consultant, he is an expert in strategic territorial analysis and in the construction sector. He was a professor of urban economics at the University of Rome, in 2017 he was a member of the Scientific committee of ASCA (National Association of Historical Centres); from 2015 to 2018 he was a member of the board of Building Smart Italia, since 2000 he has been a member of the Scientific committee of Legabiente. He is the author of many articles and reports in specialized journals. He regularly contributes to national and international conferences. He is a consultant to many public institutions (Chamber of Deputies, Istat, ENEA, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures) , sectorial and professional associations (The National Board of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservation Architects, ANCE…).



Alessandro Terzulli

Chief Economist, SACE

Mr Terzulli has previously worked as an economist at the Confindustria Center of Studies and has collaborated with several Italian universities as part of master's programs by giving lectures on issues regarding international economics, Italian economics and country risk assessment. He is a lecturer in Analysis of International Markets and Country Risk at the highly regarded School of Economics and International Relations of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and member of the Executive Council of the Business Economist Group. He graduated in Economics at the LUISS University of Rome, where he also worked as an assistant for Political Economy courses at the Faculty of Political Sciences.



Antonio Mura, PhD. 

Technical Director and lead data analyst, Cresme Ricerche Spa, Italy
Graduated cum laude with a thesis on theoretical physics, he got a PhD with a research program on stochastic processes and probability. He was lecturer at Bologna University in probability, time series analysis and mathematical physics. He is author of many research papers covering different fields of study: physics, stochastic processes, econometrics, mathematics, macroeconomics and construction economics. In the last years he focused on construction economics and he is the head of Cresme/SIMCO, international construction investment information system.



Antonella Stemperini

Senior Researcher, Cresme Ricerche Spa, Italy
Antonella Stemperini earned a master degree in Economics cum laude from the University La Sapienza. After an short experience at ISTAT (National Statistical Office), she joined CRESME in 1997, where she is currently senior researcher. Since 2006, she represents CRESME within the EUROCONSTRUCT network. With her 20 years of experience, she acquired profound understanding of the world and European construction industry, construction macroeconomic scenario and market structure. She coordinated the working group for different projects in several research areas related to the construction sector, including real estate, investment, supply chain, building materials, public tenders, PPP, strategic development plans, at province, regional and country level.



Oebele Vries

Deputy Director, EIB – Economic Institute for Construction and Housing, Netherlands

The EIB foundation is a leading and independent Dutch economic research institute in the field of construction, housing and built environment. Before his current position as deputy director, Oebele has been responsible for the construction market research of EIB. For many years he is representing EIB in Euroconstruct. Oebele studied econometrics at the University of Groningen.



James Hastings

Head of Construction Futures, Experian, United Kingdom

James has specialised in research and analysis of the construction industry for the past 28 years, both at the National Economic Development Office and as a founder member of Construction Forecasting and Research, with whom he has filled a number of roles over the years. He is now head of construction futures in Experian’s Economics Unit and currently sits on the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s Consultative Committee on Construction Industry Statistics and the Office for National Statistics’ Construction Statistics Steering Group.



Ludwig Dorffmeister

Specialist for construction and real estate markets, ifo Institute, Germany

After studying economics at the LMU Munich, Ludwig Dorffmeister worked on a research project on the economic significance of the German real estate industry on behalf of the ifo institute. Later he joined the institute permanently and concentrated on the construction industry. Today he is responsible for all projects and surveys concerning the construction and real estate industry. In this context, he is the technical contact person for politics, business and the media.



Josep R. Fontana

Head of Market Research, ITeC, Spain

His experience in the construction sector is getting closer to 30 years, which is barely enough to begin to understand what makes companies successful in a market as complex and volatile as this one. His tactic to deal with this complexity is looking in each research project for the story buried within that waits to be told.

T +34 933093404



Anders Bjerre

Associated PartnerCIFS - Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, Denmark

Anders Bjerre, senior fellow at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies. A macroeconomist by training, Anders joined the CIFS in the 1970s. He has worked on a broad range of societal themes related in various ways to construction since the mid-1980s, including future families and life styles, future work, future cities, future health, future education, future transport systems etc., all with a view to the related construction needs. He has been responsible for all Danish work on Euroconstruct since 2002.



Janos Gaspar

Executive Director, Buildecon, Hungary

Construction forecasting is what he likes and does. His year-round activities are to coordinate the research activity of EECFA (Eastern-European construction market forecasts), to work on the Hungarian forecast for EUROCONSTRUCT and to develop new forecasting approaches, like the construction project based EBI Construction Activity Report on Hungary and Romania. Besides, he is the Hungarian contributor to The World Bank's Doing Business research on dealing with construction permits.



Pascal Marlier

Partner, le BIPE / BDO Advisory

Pascal joined le BIPE / BDO Advisory S.A.S. in 1998. He consolidated a track record of more than 20 years in strategic marketing, market forecast, business plan, competitivity and financing issues. He is in charge of the construction practice and of the M&A activity.

In the domain of water, he accompanied large infrastructure funds in deals valued 1.5 billion Euro to acquire water operators.



Guided tour


Before the gala dinner (main networking pre-conference possibility), a guided tour to the Domus Romane in Palazzo Valentini will be organised.

Register early to catch one of the free pre-conference tour places. 

How to get there


via Foro Traiano 85
00186 Rome

Metro B Colosseo or Cavour

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Wednesday, 12th June 2018
Tour starts between 14:30 and 17:30

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Gala Dinner


All conference participants are welcomed to a gala dinner in a unique location, the terrace of the Casa dei Cavalieri di Rodi, located in the Foro di Augusto. 

How to get there


Piazza del Grillo 1
00184 Rome

Metro B Colosseo or Cavour

Starting Time


Wednesday, 12th June 2018
The Gala dinner will begin at 19:30

Notice: The venue is included in the conference package (no extra costs apply).

Conference Venue


Acquario Romano, the building placed at Piazza Manfredo Fanti was designed by Ettore Bernich during the kingdom of Umberto I. Construction works took place in the period 1885 to 1887.
This building was used as a aquarium only for a short time.  It was used as a depot for the nearby Teatro dell'Opera and sometimes also for fairs and exhibitions.

How to get there


Piazza Manfredo Fanti 47
00185 Roma

(Intern.) Train Roma Termini
Metro A Vittorio Emanuele


Starting Time


Registration and morning coffee from 8 o'clock onwards.

Conference sessions start at 9:20 a.m. 

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