93rd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference
9-10 June 2022, Warsaw - Poland

European Construction Market Forecasts to 2024

special topics
Consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian war and
Impact of the NextGenerationEU program on European construction

Post-pandemic potential of residential and non-residential markets

organised by PAB-PCR&F
ul. Wspolna 37/39 l.24
PL 00-519, Warszawa


Conference overview

Day I - Thursday, 9 June 2022

  • Pre-conference networking event

Day II - Friday, 10 June 2022

  • European macroeconomic outlook
  • European construction market outlook (by sectors) up to 2024
  • Directions of development of residential and non-residential market after the pandemic
  • Impact of the NextGenerationEU program on the development of the European construction market opportunities and threats

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Good to know

This conference is part of a semi-annual series of lectures on the medium-term outlook of the European construction markets covered by the EUROCONSTRUCT network.


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Target audience

EUROCONSTRUCT Conferences are aimed at all those involved in construction activities:

Manufacturers of building materials and equipment, construction companies, designers, architects, engineers, contractors, investors, financiers, banks, insurers, and other related professions. 

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The 93rd EUROCONSTRUCT Conference will be held in Varso Place in the strict centre of Warsaw.

It is located next to the Warsaw Central Railway station with excellent access to the airport and many high-class hotels in the immediate vicinity. Varso Place consists of three buildings: Varso 1, Varso 2 and the Varso Tower - the tallest tower in the European Union and an integral part of the Varso masterplan that revitalizes the surrounding urban quarter, which was blighted during the Second World War. The unique interior of our conference room in the Varso 2 building is stylized as the apartment of a scientist from the past, filled with original design and scientific artefacts.

We strongly believe that this very green but exceptionally modern building in a city that has been connecting East and West for centuries is the perfect place to present the upcoming EUROCONSTRUCT forecasts."

Venue of the 93rd EC-Conference

Varso Place

Chmielna 71, Chmielna 73,
00-801 Warszawa

+48 22 372 89 01

Find Varso Place on google maps

Varso, Warsaw - Poland

Inside Varso

Venue of the Conference Pre-Event

Restauracja Młoda Polka

Nowy Świat 49
00-042 Warszawa

+48 889 656 991

Find Młoda Polka on google maps

Networking pre-event @ Restaurant Mloda Polka


All locations of the 93rd EUROCONSTRUCT Warsaw event

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The program of the EC-93 event is also available as pdf-download:

T h u r s d a y


Networking pre-event

17.30 Guided tour in the post-industrial
Meeting point: Plac Europejski 
19.30 Networking dinner @ Restauracja Młoda Polka
Restaurant info  |  Location on google  

F r i d a y


Main conference day

08:50 Opening greetings
09.00 European macroeconomic outlook
Aleksander Łaszek
Deloitte, Poland
09.30 European construction outlook towards 2024
Josep Ramon Fontana
10.00 Economic impact of war in Ukraine
Wojciech Matysiak
PKO Bank Polski
10.30 Q&A session
10.40 Coffee break
11.00 European residential construction towards 2024
Antonella Stemperini
11.30 European non-residential construction towards 2024
Mohammed Chaudhri
EUROCONSTRUCT/Experian, United Kindgdom
12.00 Impact of the NextGenerationEU program on European construction
Adam Sochacki
12.30 Q&A session
12.40 Next Conference announcement
12.45 Lunch break

Afternoon sesson

13.45 Post-pandemic potential of residential and non-residential markets
Krzysztof Olszewski
National Bank of Poland
14.15 European civil engineering towards 2024
Adam Sochacki
14.45 The effects of the European environmental policy on construction
Maja Kępniak
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
15.15 Q&A session
15.30 End of conference

Who is who

Speakers of the 93rd EUROCONSTRUCT-Conference.



Aleksander Łaszek

Manager – Deloitte, Poland

PhD in economics and manager in the economic analysis team. An expert in the field of long-term economic growth and structural changes. He advises in the areas of analyzes of the impact of planned regulations and changes in implemented policies on the economy and society, and conducts research on structural changes taking place in the economy and industries. Previously, chief economist of the FOR foundation, author of numerous analyzes, reports and educational projects.

9.00 European macroeconomic outlook



Josep Ramon Fontana

Prospective Manager – Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology (ITeC), Spain

Dr. Josep R Fontana is head of market research at ITeC (Spain) and editor of the Spanish country report for Euroconstruct. He has realised that more than 30 years of experience in the construction sector is barely enough to understand what makes companies successful in a market as complex and volatile as this one. His tactic to deal with this complexity is looking in each research project for the story buried within that waits to be told. 

9.30 European construction outlook towards 2024


Wojciech Matysiak

Head of Real Estate Research – PKO Bank Polski, Poland

Wojciech Matysiak Head of Real Estate Research at PKO Bank Polski. Data scientist, economist. A commentator on real estate market. An expert in statistical data analytics for business and an experienced specialist in macroeconomic research. An enthusiast of innovative methods of data transformation into useful business information using modern technologies. A graduate of Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems (Warsaw School of Economics), Mathematics (University of Warsaw) and Big Data (Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology). Previously professionally associated with i.a. Bank BNP Paribas and Bank Pekao.

10.00 Economic impact of war in Ukraine



Antonella Stemperini

Senior researcher – Cresme Ricerche Spa, Italy

Antonella Stemperini earned a master degree in economics cum laude from the University La Sapienza. After a short experience at ISTAT (National Statistical Office), she joined CRESME in 1997, where she is currently senior researcher. Since 2006, she represents CRESME within the EUROCONSTRUCT network. With her 20 years of experience, she acquired profound understanding of the world and European construction industry, construction macroeconomic scenario and market structure. She coordinated the working group for different projects in several research areas related to the construction sector, including real estate, investment, supply chain, building materials, public tenders, PPP and strategic development plans, at the province, regional and country levels.

11.00 European residential construction towards 2024



Mohammed Chaudhri

Chief Economist and Director of Market Intelligence – Experian, United Kingdom

11.30 European non-residential construction towards 2024



Adam Sochacki

Analyst – Construction Research and Forecasting (PAB-PCR&F), Poland

A political scientist by training, his focuses on the links between politics, economics and construction. At the PAB-PCR&F Institute Adam works as an analyst and key account manager. He is author of numerous papers in professional journals. He has been working with the EUROCONSTRUCT network for over 10 years.

12.00 Impact of the NextGenerationEU program on European construction 
14.15 European civil engineering


Krzysztof Olszewski

Economic Expert – National Bank of Poland

Dr. Krzysztof Olszewski graduated from the University of Bielefeld in Management in 2005, and in 2009 he received his PhD in Economics from Ca' Foscari University in Venice. He has been working since October 2009 at the Narodowy Bank Polski. At the beginning he was involved in the analysis of foreign direct investments and human capital development. For over ten years he has been dealing with the real estate market and the stability of the financial sector. He examines the cycles in the residential and commercial property markets, deals with the development factors of these markets and their impact on the economy. He works as an economic advisor at the Narodowy Bank Polski and cooperates with the Warsaw School of Economics.

13.45 Post-pandemic potential of residential and non-residential markets



Maja Kępniak

Researcher – Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Maja Kępniak, Ph.D. graduated and received her M.Sc. degree from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology in 2013 and has been employed in the Department of Construction Materials Engineering since then. In 2019, she received her Ph.D. in engineering sciences by defending her thesis entitled. "Evaluation of the suitability of aggregate dust removal waste as a component of cement concrete" (honors thesis). She specializes in issues of material optimization and planning and statistical evaluation of experimental results. She deals with issues related to the use of waste materials such as expanded perlite production waste, aggregate dusting waste. She has knowledge in polymer, polymer-cement and cement composites technology.

14.45 The effects of the European environmental policy on construction




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