The network was established in 1974 by a number of specialised research institutes and consulting organisations as a study group for construction analysis and forecasting. It has since expanded from the core group to include almost all Western European countries (the European Union and EFTA) and a number of Eastern European states (EU-Accession countries). At present, EUROCONSTRUCT has member institutes in 19 European countries.

EUROCONSTRUCT'S network also extends to the Baltic States (through our Finnish partner), Eastern Europe (EECFA through our Hungarian partner), Japan (Research Institute for Construction and Economy, RICE Tokyo) and Korea (Construction & Economy Research Institute of Korea, CERIK Seoul).

The aim of EUROCONSTRUCT is to provide decision-makers in the construction sector and related markets and in ministries, agencies and national and international associations with information, analyses and forecasts to enable them to plan business more effectively.

Twice a year, EUROCONSTRUCT organises an international conference on:
Short-term forecasts by the EUROCONSTRUCT member institutes for the main market segments (housing, non-residential buildings, infrastructure and civil engineering, all sub-sectors with a breakdown in new work and renovation / modernisation activities) in nineteen European countries.

A special issue selected for its medium-term impact on the construction industry (e.g. demographics, privatisation, lifestyles, technological change, changes in the demand and supply structure).

EUROCONSTRUCT is a registered trademark.